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Data Protection

We take data protection serious, as this has first priority to us. We respect the General Data Protection Regulation as per Article 5 of the EU (DSGVO,EU) 2016/679).
Personal company data, such as the exact company name, including the associated VAT numbers and the contact data, are only required to enable cooperation with our suppliers and customers and to create contracts.
These data remain in our company and with our provider and will not being handed over to third parties in any form by us or any person appointed by us. In order to comply with the obligations arising from data protection, we restrict our activity in connection with our homepage as follows: No external service providers are involved (no advertising, no Google Analytics etc.) Cookies are not being used. Data is not recorded (no comment function, no registration etc). We use SSL encryption. We don't use contact form. The Web server that is used saves by default :

  • The name of your Internet service provider
  • Your website from which you visit us
  • Your IP-address
This data is not be assigned to us, a combination of these data with other data sources is not being made. Personal data is stored as long as it is necessary to fulfill the legal and contractual obligation. The contents of this homepage are subject to copyright. Responsible for compliance with the Data Protection Regulation is Susanne Wegener, Firma Susanne Wegener , Frankfurter Strasse 87, 97082 Würzburg.
Juli 2018
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