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Büroräume Frankfurter Strasse 87 Photographer: Bürgerbräu Würzburg We are working as an international, independent agency connecting companies in the areas of the food ingredients industry, veterinarian raw materials and pharmaceutical raw material industry. We are never owner or billing partner of the mediated raw materials. We provide comprehensive services to our customers and assistance in the search of certain raw materials. This assumes that we will indicate the name of the producers and that we will assist with the relevant and necessary quality documents. All our customers/suppliers/producers and traders are of course registered companies, with the necessary company registration and the allowance from their local authorities to work in this area.

Our company moved the office in July 2016 to Würzburg and is now having the office in the "Bürgerbräu" which has been till 1989 a Beer Brewery

Membership in the VDC Hamburg, Vereinigung der am Drogen- und Chemikalien- Groß- und Außenhandel beteiligten Firmen (Drogen und Chemikalienverein) e.V.

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